Mirco Scoccia
Creative Designer


Simply an Artistic Genius

Miriam Washington Kendall

M. Gemi

I had the honor of working with Mirco at the Italian footwear company, M.Gemi, when I was CMO and he was the Creative Director of Shoes. Mirco is simply an artistic genius. He exudes Italian luxury. He is a strong visionary designer yet a true collaborator who is very open to incorporating any feedback to enhance his work product. From a marketing perspective, his innovative designs delighted our target audience, and the consistent sellout numbers are the proof. He has a very rare sense of balance between unique creative inspiration, trend-setting, and commercialization. He also has a well-deserved following of former colleagues which is a testament to his leadership style and thoughtful mentorship. I would highly recommend Mirco and would love to have the pleasure of working with him again.

A Wonderful Collaborator

Lauren David Peden

M. Gemi

Mirco and I worked together when he was the lead designer at luxury footwear brand M.Gemi and I oversaw the copy team. He is one of the best designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. A capital "C" creative, his skill, talent and enthusiasm are an inspiration to everyone around him. Mirco is also a wonderful collaborator who brings out the best in his direct reports and colleagues of all levels, across all departments. I think very highly of Mirco as a person and a design professional, and recommend him wholeheartedly.

An Extraordinary Talent

Alaina C

M. Gemi

Mirco is an extraordinary talent, a generous collaborator, and an overall wonderful person. His amazing taste-level paired with his innovative thinking, technical knowledge and leadership skills, make him a true visionary and inspiring Creative Director. Mirco is one of the most humble Creative Directors I've worked with -- full of passion and zero ego. He also has a great sense of humor. It has been a pleasure working along side Mirco and getting to shoot his beautiful design!

A Source of Constant Creativity

Lesley Cheng

Tory Burch

Mirco and I worked together at Tory Burch where he was my senior designer and mentor. I am so fortunate to have learned from Mirco, not only is he a source of constant creativity, learning from Mirco was also very technically enriching. Mirco is incredibly innovative and passionate about design. He is extremely hardworking and also very easy to work with. Mirco would truly be an asset to any team.

Mirco Lives to Design

Andrew Dubin

Cole Haan

Mirco lives to design, breathes creativity, and inspires those around him to be better designers. Working with Mirco at Cole Haan was a true pleasure. He understood the visual DNA of the brand, and being well versed in trends and fashion, immediately went to work dramatically improving the women's footwear collection. Mirco is a font of creativity who is capable generating a tremendous quantity of stellar concepts, ensuring the brand has truly more than it needs. Cross functionally, he works closely with his merchant counterparts taking in their business input to provide spectacular options for line plan requests. He is a strong partner to product development and leverages his vast experience in shoe making to share production solutions for his designs. He is highly skilled technical designer who gains quick respect by providing exacting direction to developers and factories on construction methods and product improvement details that deliver exceptional shoes. Mirco is tirelessly dedicated to creating fashion and dress footwear and is one of the hardest workers I've come to know. His warm and generous personality add to his professionalism and makes Mirco a sizable asset to any company that he is associated with.

Imaginative, Professional, and Technically Knowledgeable

Melissa Burnette

Tory Burch

Mirco is one of the most talented designers with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. He is truly passionate about footwear design, imaginative, professional and technically knowledgeable. His energy remains positive no matter how tight the deadline. His creativity and optimism are infectious. Mirco is a true team player: always open to and inspired by the ideas of his colleagues. Mirco would be an asset to any team and it would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again.

I Was Incredibly Impressed

Sudha Chinniah


I had the honor of working with Mirco Scoccia during our time together at Belstaff International based in New York during 2012 and 2013. In my role as the Director of Global Merchandising for Menswear at Belstaff, I was responsible for the development, competitive positioning, and profitability of the Men's Ready To Wear collections. I had regular contact with Mirco as he designed and developed our Footwear collections. He designed both our Men's & Women's Footwear collections and I have to say that I was incredibly impressed by his strong dedication, high taste level, and extremely unique talents in the world of design. Mr. Scoccia possesses unique gifts and talents that any design or footwear company in the world would quickly benefit from. His ability to quickly develop innovative concepts and sketches, is enhanced by his 1st class experience in taking these designs from paper to development and eventually to actual sample product creation. Mirco's strong ability to work well with others in a team environment also leads to efficient and dedicated product creation and he shows all the traits of becoming an industry leader.

Extremely Skilled

Annie Frylinck

Cole Haan

Extremely skilled and knowledgeable on the subject of footwear and leather goods, Mirco brings an elevated aesthetic and craftsmanship hand to every product he works on. Mirco is also a great team leader and player and; friendly, easy going and funny, Mirco brought fun and expertise to every project.

Excellent Educator for the Team

Matt Kurkowski

M. Gemi

I had the pleasure and opportunity of working with Mirco during my time at M.Gemi. Before Mirco joined to guide our shoe and product design, it was honestly challenging to pick-out a pair of our shoes from a line-up. But after he worked his magic, the assortment came together in ways that it never had before, with touches that were unique and own-able by us. Not only that, but Mirco was an excellent educator for the team, especially the marketing team. He was able to bring us into his world, see his vision and explain the key components of his designs in a way that we were better able to understand and bring those elements to life for our customers in all our marketing. I liked shoes before working at M.Gemi, but after working with Mirco, I learned to love them.

Always out of the box

Hayley Sarno von Rigal

Tory Burch

I had the pleasure of working with Mirco at Cole Haan. He was a wonderful mentor to me and an example to the whole team. His design references were always out of the box and elevated, he strove for perfection in his work and pushed us to the same high standards. Mirco is the rare designer who is equally adept at concepting high fashion as well as logo every day pieces. He is truly a team player, encouraging each team member to work to their strengths and always giving credit to younger designers. He fostered a fun, collaborative environment in the workplace and I would relish the opportunity to work with him in the future.

One of the Most Inspiring Creative People I Ever Worked With

Irina K.

M. Gemi

I reported directly to Mirco and have to say that he is one of the most inspiring creative people I ever worked with. He is one of the rare 360 degree people. He's able to lead design teams to create extraordinary concepts that meet the market needs and drive sales while leading and organizing process, strategy and calendar deadlines. His work ethic is exemplary and he puts maximum effort in each project. Mirco is a sketching perfectionist. He knows every aspect of shoe design and development. His lasts and heels are masterpieces. Mirco values every person on his team, he is very strategic about training his team members and after working with Mirco you are set to succeed.

Distinguished by Passion

Jono Schafler

M. Gemi

I collaborated with Mirco and his team on a number of footwear & accessories design projects. He is distinguished by passion & pride for his work product, dedication to quality rapid-turnaround without compromise, ability to receive and incorporate feeback ... and always delivering with a big smile. Mirco's immediate reports and extended team view him with respect as a partner and a leader.